5 Reasons Why You Need A Two Car Metal Garage

Your garage is not just a place to stash your belongings but also a shelter for your car. But you folks have lots of stuff, what about that? Don’t worry. Two car metal garages are perfect to hold your car and store items at the same time. Hmm…but why would you choose metal garages anyway? Because here, we will give you the top five reasons to do so. Let’s see them all.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons You Need Two Car Metal Garages

Reason No.#1 Material Quality

Sturdy (Structural Strength)

Structural steel is a study material with a constant high tensile strength throughout. This makes steel more durable and can bear more load than traditional timber materials. All this helps steel retain its structural strength with time.

Anti-Rusting (Galvanized)

Steel is dipped in hot, molten zinc to create a uniform coating all around it. This prevents steel from coming in direct contact with air or moisture, which can lead to rust. The resultant galvanized steel has been popular in the industrial sector but has started becoming more popular in agricultural and residential areas as well.

Non-Porous (No Rot)

Metal, being non-porous, does not absorb moisture due to changing seasons. It does not allow fungus to grow internally like wood. This is one of the primary reasons why quality metal panels and frames, once installed, do not rot or decay with time. So, there is no need for frequent repair and replacement.

Inorganic (Pests)

2 car steel garages are made of inorganic steel that does not attract termite colonies to beams and side walls and is dense enough that no rodent can chew and enter inside. That makes these garages safe from pests’ attacks and saves money that otherwise would have to be invested in inspection and control.

Anti-Fungal (No Molds)

Metal is generally regarded as a substance that prohibits fungal growth. Not only that, there are some metals, such as copper and zinc, that are anti-bacterial by nature. So, your two car garage is safe and healthy at the same time.

Fire-Retardant (Less Insurance)

When coated with fire retardant, metal buildings can last up to four hours in the event of a fire outbreak. Not only that, insulators slow down the spread of fire. Metal is a non-combustible material. So insurance companies offer up to 30% less on their premium. So, you get a durable building and save money.

Reason No.#2 Customization Features

Most people would assume that metal garages are just rectangular boxes with no warmth to them. But that is far from reality. Metal Builders offers various customizable features that you can add to the building. Some of them are as follows:

Color [Add it to the roof, trim, side walls, and wainscot]By adding color, two car metal garages get a new look. You can opt for a color that matches your existing property or opt for a color that makes the garage stand out.  
Door [Add it to side or end walls]There are many types of doors, from side hinged, roll-up, carriage style, sliding, and walk-in. Choose one that fits the need and serves the purpose.  
Natural Light [Add a light source]You can opt for clerestory/ pivoted/sliding/single-hung windows, solar tubes, skylights, and some other options to enjoy the natural warmth of the sun and avoid using light bulbs during the daytime.  
Clear Span [Go for column-free design]This will give you 100% usable interior space. There are no internal supporting beams that can cause obstruction, so you can plan your space for parking, storage, or a home office.

Since 2 car steel garages are large buildings, we suggest you add a gutter & downspout to redirect water falling overhead. You can go ahead and add more features such as vents, insulators, vapor barriers, storage shelves, cabinets, racks, hooks, pegboards, or window sill.

Reason No.#3 All Weather Durable

Snow: A certified steel can easily withstand a snow load of 40 pounds or above per square foot.

Wind: A thick concrete slab as a base with additional anchors and purlin, a certified steel structure, can withstand high-speed winds of up to 170 miles per hour.

Rain & Hail: Whether excessive rainfall or hail storm, two car metal garages can handle every nature’s elements without compromising.

Heat/ Cold: An effective insulator reduces the heat flow inside the building, keeping the garage warmer or cooler for longer.

Reason No.#4 Cost Effective

Prefab metal buildings are affordable because they are mass-produced in a factory. Since most parts are already cut and drilled, only assembling is required at the construction site. This reduces time and effort, and installation requires less manpower.

2 car steel garages are also quite low maintenance buildings. Since the material is resilient and robust, it only needs timely cleaning (once or twice a year) and a routine inspection to check for minor rust development or stains.

Most people don’t know this, but metal buildings can be designed to be energy-efficient structures. This will save on energy bills, and since metal can bear more load, you can install solar panels on its roof to further reduce dependency on the power grid for energy. Now, isn’t that a great deal?

Reason No.#5 Sustainable & Versatile

Steel structures are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. A home-size garage does not require heavy machinery or a lot of tools at the installation site. It creates less noise disturbance to the neighbors as work is quick and less time-consuming. Any metal shaving that remains after construction can be sold to the nearest scrapyard.

But exactly how versatile 2 car steel garages can be? Let’s have a look.

Personal storageCar parkingHome officeArt studioMan cave/ She shedHome gymPersonal movie theatreGuest roomGaming room

Taking All Of This Into Account

We can firmly say that a steel garage for two cars is a suitable and durable choice for every homeowner in the States. With a large area that can clearly span up to a thousand square feet, you can park your car and still have some space left for regular household storage. So, get the deal sealed with two car metal garages today!

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