5 Tile Styles Gaining Popularity Among Home Buyers

Every now and then, home design trends change. Staying updated with these trends can make your home feel fresh and appealing. Small changes like painting or updating lights can help, but what about more permanent things like tiles?

Tiles can make your kitchen, bathroom, or living space look stylish and functional. They’ve been used for ages for walls, floors, and more. If chosen wisely, they can stay fashionable for years.

Choosing tiles can be overwhelming with so many colors, shapes, textures, and prices. Tiles are a long-term investment, so you want them to be both functional and beautiful.

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Stylised tiles
  1. Gray is no longer in; neutrals and bold colors are trendy. People are going for beige, warm tones, and vibrant colors.
  2. Vertical tiles are in fashion, especially in bathrooms. Tiles are extended beyond the shower area for added style.
  3. Large natural stone tiles with deep paint colors are popular. Fewer backsplashes are used, and stone countertops often extend to the wall.
  4. Square tiles, including black and white checkered ones, are making a comeback.
  5. Hand-painted tiles are back, with neutral earth tones and intricate patterns. These tiles often take inspiration from places like Morocco and Italy.

Remember, it’s essential to stay true to your home’s style when following trends, and choose what you genuinely like for the long term.


Stay in the know with changing home design trends for a fresh and appealing space. Tiles offer enduring style and functionality for your kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. Explore today’s favorite tile trends, from bold colors to hand-painted designs. Make choices that reflect your unique style for long-term satisfaction.

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