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Currently, real estate does not look like a hot and profitable business worldwide, especially in the USA. However, this situation will only continue briefly, as history confirms that the real estate business can generate thousands of dollars annually. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also confirms it as it says that 71% of those who file tax returns earning over one million dollars belong to the real estate business. These numbers encourage many who want to know how to get into real estate and get their profit shares.

Getting into the real estate business is for those who have big hearts. You need to be patient, motivated, target-oriented, and focused to become a real estate expert. And if you have all these qualities, closing only five deals in five years is enough to become a successful entrepreneur. This business does not require hundreds or dozens of sales monthly. Waiting for the most suitable property can help you achieve every income level you are waiting for.

However, the reality is that three out of four real estate businesses fail and take a maximum of five years to quit. But for those who want to dominate as a millionaire, we recommend learning how to get into real estate and get seven-figure revenues after becoming a realtor. Let us explore how to get into real estate investing and business through this comprehensive yet down-to-earth look!

Make Knowledge Your Compass When Entering Real Estate.

Real estate is our second option as we explore our luck initially as an employee. Everyone loves to become a boss of himself after spending a few years in employment. And when you learn that more than your expectations are waiting for you, you become aggressive and motivated. Moreover, freely living without accepting orders is another world to live in. However, freedom has different meanings when you enter business, especially the real estate business.

The first thing to learn about how to get into real estate with no money is that every business needs your dedication. Freedom in business means you are not bound for nine hours. However, it forces you to give every minute of your life to business. Only if you are ready for it can you fulfill your initial dream to earn at least $44,507 yearly, which is the average salary of those working in the real estate industry.

Choosing real estate as a business option is rewarding. You have multiple options and paths to choose from. For example, if you are interested in buying and selling shops, offices, and other commercial spaces, you should learn how to get into commercial real estate. Another essential aspect to remember is that you may have flexible hours to spend. However, it is independent of time, and you may need more hours than expected. So, before entering the real estate industry, consider all these aspects.

When learning how to get into real estate, the next phase is to address foundation necessities. Let us explore them all!

Niche Identification Through Market Research

Thorough research is necessary to enter any business. However, when getting into real estate, it becomes more critical. The reason is the multiple options to choose as a real estate niche. For example, learning how to get into digital real estate is essential if you are interested in online business. Similarly, you should decide whether you can handle residential properties or love to deal with commercial properties. Competitive analysis also works exceptionally to understand what your prospects expect from a realtor. Identifying the specific area where more opportunities are available is also vital.

When exploring real estate business niches, the top-of-the-list options are residential properties, vacation homes and resorts, income properties, condos, rental property business, property management, and commercial properties. As a startup, you cannot cover all these niches. Therefore, work efficiently and pick only those you can cover conveniently.

Exploration of State’s Guidelines

When working in the United States of America, remember that no regulatory body is available at the national level for real estate businesses. All rules, regulations, and procedures are designed at the state level. For instance, if you want to learn how to get into wholesale real estate related to outdoor properties in California, you must have complete knowledge of the laws and regulations associated with California outdoor properties. Therefore, when planning to enter the real estate business, we recommend exploring guidelines defined by your state administration.

For example, completing a pre-licensing course related to real estate is essential, and you must submit training proof to the authorities. Meeting specific age requirements and undergoing background checks are some other requirements. Fulfilling these requirements makes you eligible to run a business.

Apply for A Real Estate Business License.

This sentence does not describe the requirements you must fill in to get the license. We discussed it briefly in the previous section. However, many complications, requirements, and necessities are involved before the license is available.

Completing a pre-license course is one aspect through which you learn property rights, taxes, market analysis, appraisals, environmental laws, ownership laws, titles and deeds, and zoning laws. Every state has different requirements to fulfill this requirement. You attend community colleges for 20 to 200 hours according to your state requirements. Overall, you can complete this course within four to six months.

The story continues to apply for a license as the next step is to pass the state exam. This real estate licensure examination determines your understanding and knowledge about the business. You can only apply for a license if you pass the state real estate exam.

Once all the above tasks are done, you become eligible to apply. Although requirements vary from state to state, giving proof to attend a real estate course and pass the state exam is essential. The Association of Realtors also wants you to have errors and omissions insurance. After applying for a real estate business license, the process can take two months to issue a license.

Decide How to Work!

A smooth and stable process is the best option to establish your real estate business. Initially, you can start working as a real estate agent under a brokerage firm to learn how these companies work. You must learn how to manage real estate transactions, give commissions to real estate agents, and complete paperwork and other legal requirements.

Real estate World

You can start your own brokerage after getting experience and learning critical aspects. Once you become a realtor after getting experience as a real estate agent, you should also join the National Association of Realtors to become a certified realtor. Please remember that there is an annual membership fee to join this association and continue.

Now, you have learned how to get into real estate. However, there is more to the story, as additional steps are also necessary. Some examples are designing a few real estate captions to attract prospects and planning to market your business. We have been recommending some additional steps to move forward speedily. So, do not leave this discussion here; continue exploring the real estate business with us.

A CRM Keeps You on Your Toes.

Remembering every query, employee’s tasks, and other activities manually can be challenging. Therefore, real estate experts must get an affordable customer relationship management (CRM) system once they establish their business. It will help you automate onboarding, streamline your administration activities, and avoid falling through the cracks.

Craft Your Individual and Business Plans.

Setting individual and business goals and objectives keeps you focused, determined, and on track. Therefore, finalize your personal and business objectives after determining how much time you will give to the business daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Moreover, you must finalize your destinations and the time to get there. Identifying the loopholes, personality deficiencies, and other business-related issues and their management are also essential to run your business successfully and achieve your organizational goals and personal achievements.

Go Digital!

As a real estate enthusiast, you must be informed that more than 60% of sales in the United States are online. Moreover, over 65% of shoppers use smartphones to get their favorite product or service out of these sales. The same is valid for the real estate business. Therefore, we recommend you explore how to get into digital real estate. We recommend developing a website, promoting it on the internet through organic SEO and paid campaigns, and designing your physical and digital marketing campaigns to assist you. When prospects find you everywhere, they start relying on you because they consider you a brand essential to permanently dominate as a real estate business.

digital real estate

Acquire Already Promoted Yet Failed Business.

When you have completed all preliminary requirements and learned how to get into real estate, it is time to find opportunities. Buying an established business does not look affordable. On the other hand, if a partnership works, it is suitable only for some time. Moreover, conflicts and disagreements prevent you from achieving goals.

Therefore, try to find a landscaping business for sale and acquire it if possible. However, remember that a business with a negative reputation can spoil all your efforts. Therefore, choose only that real estate business that has failed but developed an excellent reputation. It is a real estate one you deserve and invest in.

Continue Improving Yourself!

Achieving some specific goals is not the end, as you must start exploring new opportunities. Start thinking differently if you have established your reputation as a real estate business. For example, identifying how to get into real estate investing is another option. You can also plan to learn how to become a real estate developer. All these activities motivate you, and you start enjoying the real estate niche.


Instant success does not determine how successful you are. It matters only if it is persistent, stable, and futuristic. Therefore, long-term success is not simple or easy. Real estate has various aspects and spectrums when planning to succeed. Only the right approach and consistent strategy generate results. Therefore, before getting into real estate, ensure you have correctly prepared your business strategy, marketing plan, lead generation and management, and specific real estate niches. In this case, your commitment to learn how to get into real estate can produce results.

What is the best bet? Prepare yourself to join the industry and properly understand the requirements that matter the most to become a successful realtor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a real estate agent do on a daily basis?

The routine of a real estate agent is challenging, dynamic, and varied. He is involved in multiple tasks to satisfy clients and address business requirements. He is involved daily in client meetings and communications, showing vacant properties, listing properties on the internet and print media, analyzing the market, developing marketing strategies, empowering networking, completing transactions and paperwork, arranging inspection visits and property appraisals, managing administrative tasks, and improving himself as a real estate business.

What percent of real estate agents fail?

Three out of four real estate agents fail. It means 75% of the real estate agents who get into real estate fail within five years.

What is specialized property management?

Managing specific types of properties is called specialized property management. For example, if you have learned how to get into commercial real estate, you can establish yourself as a specialist in technical property management related to commercial properties. You can call it commercial property management. Residential property management, vacation rental management, student housing management, senior living management, sustainable property management, Homeowners Association Management (HOA), and historic property management are other types of this specific property management.

What does for sale by owner mean?

It means those properties the owner wants to avoid involving any realtor or real estate agent to sell. These properties are sold by the homeowner, and no real estate agent is involved in it.

Can you sell a house without a realtor?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is essential to understand the real estate market, learn how to deal with the clients, explore the market price, conduct comparative analysis, and put in maximum effort and time. Only in this case, we can sell a house without a realtor.

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