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Are you planning to sell your home? You may sell your home yourself or use a realtor. It is known as “For Sale By Owner” when selling yourself. Some people remember it with FSBO. Selling a home depends on your choice. However, you must consider some factors when planning to do so. The current discussion is about these considerations that will help you decide accordingly.

As described earlier, you can sell your home as an owner or use a real estate expert. We will discuss both these options separately in the following lines:

Selling Your Home with a Realtor

Using a realtor to sell a home can benefit you more than your expectations. When hiring a realtor, you get the following benefits:


Realtors have expertise, as they are trained professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of pricing strategies, local trends, the current situation of the real estate market trend, and negotiation skills. They have professional knowledge of how to deal with the home-selling process. Therefore, hiring a real estate agent helps you sell your home with all the benefits an experienced realtor can provide.

Market Exposure

Realtors have the maximum knowledge about listing processes and services. They know precisely how to advertise your property, which helps attract potential buyers. They know various channels through which they can market your home. Moreover, they have a network of contacts, learn the use of open houses and online listings, and have enormous potential to make your home prominent for homebuyers.

sell your house with realtor


Realtors precisely know the comparable sales and market data. This information helps them determine competitive and accurate pricing of your house. These skills help you attract buyers more aggressively, as only competitive prices convince the buyers to think about your home.


Handling negotiations needs expertise, and realtors have the required experience to perform this task. These skills help you get the most suitable deal. Moreover, these experts can deal with all the potential conflicts you may encounter when negotiating with buyers.


When selling your home, you need to fulfill many legal requirements. It involves many things that require a substantial amount of paperwork. Real estate firms deal with multiple properties regularly. Therefore, they are well-versed in paperwork and fulfilling legal requirements. So, they can complete everything accurately and legally.

Time and Convenience

If you want to avoid stress and save money, hiring a realtor is the best option. The reason is that their full-time job is to sell your home. Therefore, hiring a realtor means you can focus on many other necessary tasks.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Benefits of selling a home by yourself

We will discuss the benefits of selling your home as an FSBO. So, let us explore some of the benefits!

Cost Savings

Many people prefer selling their homes alone because they want to save the amount, they are bound to pay the realtors in the commission’s name. However, you may incur many other costs if you do not have a realtor. For example, incurring legal fees and marketing expenses is your responsibility.


When selling your home, you control everything. No one can force you to set the price, choose a specific market to market your home or tell you how to negotiate. Overall, it is an excellent learning process with some adventurous aspects you cannot forget to enjoy.

Personal Involvement

Having personal involvement is another advantage you can get when selling your home. We understand that many sellers love it. This activity helps them connect with potential customers directly and enjoy the negotiation process.


Selling yourself makes you flexible, as you can show your home and negotiate accordingly. On the other hand, hiring a realtor means relying entirely on what he is doing.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Drawbacks of selling a home by yourself

Remember that drawbacks are also there if you want to sell your home as an FSBO. Let us explore them as well!

Limited Exposure

As laypeople, we know little about market resources, marketing strategies, and MLS, so we cannot present our homes more effectively and aggressively. Therefore, we may take more time and effort than a realtor needs to sell a home.

Pricing Challenges

We do not know much about the pricing. Therefore, we may underprice or overprice our properties. It affects our target to sell our homes according to our requirements.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills require us more than our expectations. Our lack of experience can damage our efforts to sell our homes. Therefore, negotiating directly can be daunting in many ways.

Addressing legal aspects and managing paperwork can be the biggest challenge for FSBO sellers. Sometimes, this task can be the most daunting. Therefore, hiring a realtor can be the best option if you are reluctant to handle this issue.

Time and Effort

Selling as an FSBO means you must have sufficient time to handle all aspects of the home-selling process. Moreover, you must have the energy to put all your efforts into closing deals. If you do not have time to put in all your efforts, we recommend hiring a real estate agent.

sell your house with realtor


Your comfort level, specific circumstances, experience, and requirements determine the need for a realtor to sell your home. If you have enough time to put all your efforts and expertise into using various marketing platforms to promote your property, awareness about property rates, and negotiating skills effectively and aggressively, selling a home as an FSBO can work significantly. However, if you rely more on professional expertise, need more time to use all selling tactics, and consider legal paperwork challenging, we recommend using a realtor to sell your home. Now, it totally depends on your decision. We have mentioned all the pros and cons in this discussion to help you decide according to your requirements. We hope you are ready to make your decisions and benefit from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I get if I sell my home with a real estate agent?

You get professional services with expertise and skills you do not have as an FSBO. Understanding market dynamics, exact pricing, negotiation, and paperwork makes realtors an option you can rely on when selling your home.

What are the benefits can I get when selling my home as FSBO?

You can save costs related to the realtor’s commission. Moreover, you have complete control over your property and the sale process. Additionally, decisions regarding the last price are totally in your hands.

What challenges may I face when selling my home as an FSBO?

Pricing difficulties, limited market exposure, legal issues, paperwork complexities, a lack of negotiation skills, and limited availability of time and effort make this task challenging and daunting.

How does a realtor benefit you by selling your home?

As he has extensive experience, market exposure, and negotiation skills, he must be your first and best choice. Moreover, he can sell your home fast if you want a fast and smooth selling process.

When should I think about a realtor to sell my home?

If you do not have momentous time to put all your efforts, lack experience, and have no negotiation skills, hiring a realtor is the best alternative you can choose instead of selling your home as an owner.

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